The RCCG, North America Operations Children’s Ministry/Youth ministry was inaugurated at the end of the Washington DC convention in 2000 by Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye. At that time, and for the following 5 years, the organization primarily assisted in the planning of the annual Children/Youth convention. In the year 2005, the Children Ministry became a separate entity from the Youth ministry to ensure more effective organization. Both function under the existing RCCG, North America Operations leadership.

At present, as leaders in the Children’s Ministry, we are passionate about improving the quality of material and standards of teaching of our children, especially in the present environment we live in. We are striving to make Children’s Church not only fun for all involved, but also realize that what and how we teach will shape the future of our children as Christians. 

As a result of our passion, our present goals have broadened to include more effective training programs for our volunteers and improving the organizational structure amongst Children’s Ministries across all existing RCCG, North America Operations zones and thereby improving communication. We have also more recently provided resource material manuals and are currently in the process of providing a unified curriculum for all RCCG, North America Operations Children’s Ministries. We are excited about what God will do in this Ministry!

The current leadership of the Children’s Ministry consists of Executive leaders and Zonal Representatives for each zone. We believe in unity and run our body as such. If you share our passion we welcome you to come on board! We also welcome your ideas and suggestions 

Vision/Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist the volunteers and parents in RCCG, North America Operations to transmit the inspired teaching of God to our children in a way that they will ultimately be strong, confident and obedient followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.